When submitting, please include:
**3-5 unpublished poems OR unpublished fiction/nonfiction up to 5,000 words OR 3-5 pieces of visual art OR one photo essay containing 5-10 photographs OR a comic/work of graphic fiction/graphic nonfiction
**Cover letter
**Brief bio (3-4 sentences max; can be included in cover letter)

The editorial staff will not make final decisions about which pieces to accept until after the reading period closes, so response time can be several months. Our process is to look at all of the submissions as a whole and give each piece the full consideration it deserves. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Please submit only once per reading period. In addition, we are unlikely to publish a writer or artist in two consecutive issues because we want to provide our readers with as much variety as possible.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted elsewhere. We have had some trouble in the past when authors had failed to withdraw their work and we had planned to include it in our upcoming issue. We know wait times can be long, and we don't want to keep you from placing your work -- we just need to know the status of your submission. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please use Submittable to withdraw it, or send an email to stoneboat.journal@gmail.com.

We don't believe in charging reading fees, but our optional Gratuity Submission category allows writers and artists to support our operations with a small donation when they submit. No preferential treatment is given for gratuity submissions. This category, however, is open year-round whereas we only accept free submissions during designated reading periods. Please identify the genre of your submission (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, b&w art, photo essay, graphic literature) in your cover letter. Please note that response times may be longer than usual on gratuity submissions received outside of our normal reading period.
Ends on July 15, 2018

Submit 3-5 unpublished poems as a single file.

Ends on July 15, 2018

Please submit unpublished fiction up to 5000 words.

Ends on July 15, 2018

Please submit unpublished creative/literary nonfiction up to 5000 words.

Ends on July 15, 2018
This is the place to submit works that don't easily fit into any of our other categories.
Ends on July 15, 2018

Submit 3-5 pieces of b&w artwork to be considered for publication in the issue OR 3-5 pieces of color artwork to be considered for the cover OR a mix of 3-5 pieces of color and b&w artwork.

We are open to graphic literature in any style, exploring any subject or theme. We prefer black and white, and will consider color only if it absolutely blows us away.  Artwork should not exceed 7"x8" (the journal is 8.5"x11"), and we are unable to print any panels that require a 2-page spread. Work exceeding 15 pages may be submitted but is less likely to be published.

Ends on July 15, 2018

Please submit unpublished b&w photo essays that include 5-15 photographs.